xcPanel - A XtreamUI Addon Panel for Clients

xcPanel - A XtreamUI Addon Panel for ClientsxcPanel is a XtreamUI addon Panel for Clients. It is full compatible with XtreamUI. It does work with the XtreamUI Database, so all your current and new clients can use it.The panel was developed with the idea to simplify the work of the admin and to give your customer more freedom. For you as a ... Read More »

20th Dec 2019
xcPANEL v1 Online!

Integrated with the Xtream UI management panel, xcPANEL v1 is now available for your customers to use and access all their settings! XcPANEL is designed for you to ease the administrative burden, where you can automatically test and manage your orders from your website. Test the system now and join us. Thank you for the interest you have shown. Read More »

6th Dec 2019